Another Success Story by H&P! Buddhist Temple Receives Approval for Monks’ Religious Worker Visas!

25 June 2017

Religious Worker Visa

In the middle of March 2017 H&P was contacted by the frantic leader of a Buddhist temple. They were without a Monk and the religious worker petition they submitted was just issued a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID). A NOID is usually issued after a party has responded to a Request for Evidence from USCIS. Once a NOID is received USCIS has made the decision to deny the petition but allows the petitioner one last opportunity to defend their case.

Very often individuals and organizations will attempt to navigate the murky waters of immigration without the assistance of counsel.  This can save money but can also lead to complications and denials.

With just a little more than two weeks to the deadline to respond to the NOID, H&P agreed to investigate and represent the Temple. Our attorneys worked diligently to learn the structure and nuance of the Buddhist religious hierarchy in order to properly argue the case to USCIS. They consulted with Temple leaders in the United States and Cambodia.  They reviewed hundreds of documents related to the petition.  After completion of the research they spent countless hours developing a strong response.  They discovered new evidence that related to the petition, and with one day left they submitted their argument to USCIS.

The Decision…

The Temple was notified that the I-360 petitions were approved. Thus, USCIS reversed their intent to deny.
Therefore, the two Monks will be arriving late summer to service the Buddhist community. Congratulations!


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