Become an outstanding workplace and retain exceptional talent.

09 December 2021

How do organizations become an outstanding workplace and retain exceptional talent?

After interviewing 600 clients who received their employment visas through Midwest Law, we’ve cracked the code of how to keep exceptional and talented employees! It is simply being an exceptional workplace. The complexities of life change daily between the pandemic, generation gap, and lifestyle needs, but adherence to a high standard in the workplace will go a long way. 


Be clear, let your employees know where they stand. You’ve invested time and energy hiring your employees, now give them the feedback to excel. Mentor them or have a mentor program on how to improve or polish their skill, having clear communication detailing expectations will give your employee the roots to grow! 


Don’t stop with the initial feedback, keep those communication lines open. Be in a proactive mindset, preventing any hiccups in the workplace, by having simple, consistent, and clear communication daily sets the tone for constructive improvement. Instead of being in a reactive problem resolving mode from communication negligence, when the communication is good, double down, that’s when you can be most effective. Set these standards early, and keep going by consistently reminding employees of its importance.


Don’t rush the onboarding process. Take time to provide a clear protocol and organized schedule, as well as efficient access to the right tools and training materials. Make sure you have a welcoming process for new employees, an important step to ease nerves and bring spirits high.


Are your employees happy? As 2022 approaches, organizational culture is one of the most talked about topics among new employees. How can you improve organizational culture? Find out what values your team members share. How do these values match with your organizations short-term and long-term goals? The biggest trend during the pandemic was flexible work hours. Organizational culture should be a visible priority. Rely on these efforts to ease stress, build camaraderie, and enjoy the long term work satisfaction that you’ve been working for!

Follow these key steps and retain your exceptional employees, and be a desirable workplace for new hires. 


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