E2 Investor Visa from Ukraine Approved in 8 Days!

11 August 2019

Perelmuter Law receives many investor visa approvals for our clients, and they are all special. But sometimes we receive approvals that require sharing.

In June we filed an E2 Treaty Investor visa petition on behalf of our client, a construction company from Ukraine. The company invested approximately $120,000 into a U.S. business and will be managing the investment in the United States.

We filed the petition on June 19 and received the approval notice on June 27 – 8 days later! This fast turnaround speaks to the expertise and care Perelmuter Law provides to each application and petition we submit on behalf of our clients.

Perelmuter Law utilizes its continuous assessment of immigration policy and procedure to ensure our clients are meeting and exceeding the standards of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. State Department. This enables our clients to be completely prepared when applying for immigration benefits.

Foreign investment is an important component of the United States economy and our investor clients provide international capital to the local economies they enter. Their investment will stimulate further growth throughout the region.

This extremely fast result is not indicative of any other outcome, and each case is unique. Contact Perelmuter Law  today for a consultation and assessment of your United States immigration needs.


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