H-1B Petition Approved in 28 Days without Premium Processing!

14 February 2022

H-1B season is here and this year we are expecting the lottery to be more competitive than ever. Recently Midwest Law’s attorneys received approval of a cap-subject H-1B in just 28 days.

The H-1B visa is used by employers to fill positions that require a specialty occupation, meaning that the minimum requirement for the job is a bachelors degree. It is a highly sought after nonimmigrant visa. Each year there is a limit of 85,000 H-1B visas available. Last year there were 308,613 petitions filed so USCIS conducted a lottery to decide who will receive the necessary employees. This year they are expecting there to be even more filings.

Last year USCIS conducted three selections to fill all the available visas. The first being on April 1, the second on July 29, and the third on November 3. Our client had an employee selected November 3rd. We filed their petition on January 11th and they received their approval on February 8th – only 28 days later. The current estimated processing time for an H-1b filing is 6.5 to 8.5 months.

See below.

The fast processing time is a testament to the expertise and care of the attorneys at Midwest Law.

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