Maintain Lawful Immigration Status During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

31 March 2020

During this unusual and surreal time, while we socially isolate and quarantine, Perelmuter Law continues to serve our clients. Today we received work authorization for some special clients, and we will continue to petition and advocate for our clients with the same commitment and diligence.

The bureaucratic functions of the immigration services have been slowed even further because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, you must continue to maintain your immigration status. This will eventually end. And as we know United States immigration is unforgiving. If you become out of status during this time there is no guarantee the Department of Homeland Security will create a mechanism to regain that lost status.

Additionally, if your work authorization expires and you continue to work your future immigration options can become very limited.

Please ensure you are submitting your applications and petitions in a timely manner. Do not let the illusion of the USCIS local offices being closed lull you into believing that status expiration dates will be extended. DHS has made no indication they will automatically extend status for non-immigrants during this time.

The USCIS has created a special page on their website with updates regarding their response to the coronavirus situation.

Contact Perelmuter Law with any questions or for assistance with your immigration needs during this unusual time!


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