One Thing You Should Know About U.S. Immigration

07 April 2018

U.S. Immigration

There are many things you should know before beginning the U.S. immigration process. However, the importance of retaining an experienced licensed U.S. immigration lawyer is paramount. This one step can save you much time, headache, and money.

You may have seen “immigration services” companies promoting themselves as experts in U.S. immigration law. They may have nice websites with testimonials from smiling clients. However, you must ask yourself one question.  Is this service going to provide me with a licensed immigration lawyer?

How are you to know? Consider whether the site gives the names of the lawyers who will be working on the case. If not, you should be cautious. You should know the names of the lawyers working on your case.  Additionally, you should not need a middleman connecting you to a lawyer. Contacting a U.S. immigration law firm directly is simple and the best way to avoid any issues. A U.S. immigration firm will be displaying its name prominently on the website along with the names of all attorneys in the firm.

Why it matters

Having a licensed U.S. immigration lawyer working your case is important for two reasons. First, a lawyer has been through years of rigorous education and has passed the requisite bar exam. Further, and possibly even more important, is the fact that a licensed lawyer is held to a standard of ethics that an “immigration services” company is not.

Moreover, licensed U.S. lawyers must act ethically or be subject to a complaint with their state licensing body. Therefore, in the unlikely event that a lawyer failed to provided the agreed upon service you could call to the bar association in their state. However, if an immigration service company suddenly failed to do the promised work you would have much less recourse because they don’t have a license to worry about in the first place.

Don’t pay an immigration service that promises you the world. Contact a real licensed U.S. immigration lawyer and rest assured you have made a good choice

If you have questions regarding U.S. immigration, please contact our immigration attorneys at or 513-913-9545.


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