Perelmuter Law Ltd. Expands with Partnership in Croatia

04 September 2018

Perelmuter Law Ltd. is proud to announce our newest partnership with the Croatian law firm Zupan, Babic & Antunovic Ltd. This new strategic partnership allows our firms to offer additional services to our clients throughout the Balkan region of Europe and the United States. Zupan, Babic & Antunovic Ltd is a full service firm with offices in Zagreb and Bjelovar, Croatia, serving domestic and international clients. Our partnership will focus on providing immigration and business services in the United States. Additionally, we will be providing United States individuals and businesses with any necessary legal advice  in Croatia and the region.

The addition of a partnership in Croatia expands the reach of Perelmuter Law Ltd. to the entire Eastern Europe – from Estonia, Ukraine, and now the Balkans. Through our partnerships in Europe, Asia, and Africa we are able to provide our clients with the most relevant advice and counsel related to their local business and United States immigration needs. Using our client-focus strategy, our partnerships allow us to be available to our clients in any time-zone, at any time.

Legal services offered by Zupan, Babic & Antunovic Ltd include a range of civil law matters, commercial and company law, labor and employment law, contracts, collection of claims, real estate, compensation, copyrights, administrative procedures, and more. Many firms reached out to us before establishing this unique partnership. The professionalism and expertise of the lawyers at Zupan, Babic & Antunovic Ltd is unparalleled.


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