Top Five Immigration Issues Biden should Address Early

13 December 2020

President-Elect Joe Biden will take office in less than six weeks. Here are the top five changes to immigration we are hoping will be implemented early in his administration:

  1. Appointing a reasonable leader at the Department of Homeland Security. The agency that manages the immigration system should be led by someone that is not hostile to the immigration process.
  2. Removing the Public Charge Rule as implemented. The new rule requiring the immigrant to provide credit history, education and work history, and health history is cumbersome and unnecessary. And hurts American families.
  3. Properly streamline the H-1B lottery process and wage issue. Help leading industries get the expertise and workers they need.
  4. Return our asylum process to the humane program it is meant to be, treating asylum seekers with dignity and respect at our borders.
  5. Hold embassy and consulates around the world accountable for their errors and egregious decision making.

There are obviously serious immigration issues that need to be fixed, such as DACA etc. The immigration system and process needs a major overhaul to enter the 21st century, but these are five issues that we are hoping will be be addressed early on in the Biden administration.

Let us know if you think any other issue should be on the top 5!!


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