Why is it great to be an immigration lawyer? I took one bar exam but help people in all 50 states and around the world.

10 January 2018

Cincinnati Immigration Law Firm

Perelmuter Law is a Cincinnati immigration law firm and we often hear people say, “I have a friend who needs immigration help but they are not in Ohio.”  Often the person saying some version of this statement is another lawyer unfamiliar with immigration law.  Always eager to help someone, H&P’s lawyers are quick to respond with “No problem!”  This is because unlike most types of law, immigration lawyers can help no matter where a client is located.

Everyone knows that the main rite of passage for any young (or not so young) new lawyer is passing the bar exam.  Depending on the jurisdiction this may be 2-3 of the most stressful days of your life.  All of this to be able to practice in one state.  Although some states have reciprocity with other states, there is not a practical way to obtain a license in a majority of the states.  Therefore, most lawyers end up practicing in a couple of states and call it a day.

However, immigration lawyers practice exclusively within the realm of U.S. Federal Law.  As such, they can practice immigration law throughout the entire country if they are licensed in one state.  The team at H&P chose to be immigration lawyers because they had a desire to help clients with their immigration needs.  However, the ability to help clients from all 50 states while avoiding a lifetime of bar exams is surely a bonus they relish.

If you have any questions with regard to U.S. immigration law please reach out to us.  We can be reached at 513-913-9545 or lawyer@www.yplawgroup.com.


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