No Sponsor, No Problem! Graphic Designer Wins EB-1A Green Card with Self-Petition

11 December 2017

EB-1A Visa

At Perelmuter Law we assist with all types of immigration. Our services include the basic types of sponsor required visas you have probably heard of, such as, marriage visas and H1Bs. While we love all our clients, our favorite cases are ones where we petition without the need of a US sponsor, the EB-1A or NIW.  Yes, it is possible to obtain a green card without the need for a US sponsor!

Perelmuter Law recently won such a case for an award winning graphic designer. Our client not have a US company willing to sponsor her for other types of employment based visa. Yet, she was a successful graphic designer in her home country, winning local and regional awards, publishing articles about her craft, and garnering attention in the press for her work.  She was a highly skilled individual who would certainly add value to the U.S. but didn’t know what to do.  Enter the EB-1A.

The EB-1A

The EB-1A is one of the few categories in US immigration that does not require a sponsor.  This makes it available to people who have no connections within the US. However, it is only available for those individuals who are extraordinary.  They can be extraordinary in the sciences, arts, business, or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim. Overcoming this high standard takes diligence and abundant documentation, however the attorneys at Perelmuter Law assist all clients with finding the right solution for them.

The Decision

Despite the high standard, Perelmuter Law’s lawyers recently obtained the EB-1A approval for their favorite Graphic Designer by successfully arguing she had extraordinary ability in the arts.  Her and her family will be able to live the American Dream.

Are you or someone you know a foreign national of extraordinary ability?  If so, please contact us at or 513-913-9545 to discuss your case.


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